Our Team

Jude 'Feranmi

Principal CoFounder


Jude is a community organizer who prides himself as a tech enthusiast. He believes Technology will help leapfrog Africa into the future.

Joshua Osunbor

CoFounder / Lead Partner


Joshua is a tech enthusiast, who believes that in the 21st century, capital and labor no longer drives economic growth, technology does.

Chimso Ezeji

Lead, Creatives


An Artist in all ramifications, a Still Graphics Designer, Videographer and an aspiring Cinematographer, also a young person who is passionate about community development and promoting social change

Yemi Olutoye

Lead, Content Development


Yemi is a man on a disruptive mission. I am #Divergent

Board of Advisors

Chris Uwaje

Mr Chris is known as the oracle of the Nigerian IT Industry. He is Principal Consultant and CEO of Connect Technologies.

Dele Nedd

Dele Nedd is the CEO of Descasio Technologies. With specialization in Cloud Technologies, Descasio helps to reduce operational complexity and improve productivity.

Tim Akinbo

Tim Akinbo is the CEO of Timba Objects Technologies. With a clientele base of institutions like UNICEF, NDI, TO as is often called provides software development services for companies and organizations targeted at mobile phone platforms.