Four Programming Tips That Will Make Life Easier

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June 12, 2017

W hether you are new to programming or you have been in it for ages, knowing and applying these programming tips will save you a lot of time and energy.

Write Codes You Will Remember
One of the things I learnt while I was learning how to code was how important it is I write codes that I can understand one or two years from now. We all can write codes that is easy to explain moments after we put them down because they are still fresh in our heads, but what happens years after. In fact write codes a rookie will understand. Keep it simple and straightforward. Make use of comments to describe every section or category of your code.

When you get stuck, take a walk
There’s a quote I came across a while back, it says “When you get tired, don’t quit, instead, rest”. Getting stuck and trying to fix the bug can be frustrating. At one point or the other, we all get stuck.. But it is not enough to quit, take a walk, do something different and get in a lot of fresh air. It usually takes few minute to fix the problem you have been battling with all day after cooling off.

Take the easy way out
The joy or fulfilment in being a programmer is not when you have a mountain of problems and then you have to write thousands of code to solve them. If you take a closer look, there’s a possibility that the problem you are trying to solve, someone else has gone through the same before. All you need to do is google. The most important thing is that you are solving the problem. How you solve it does not really matter, except of course there’s a particular standard you are following. I once read an article about how Bill Gates loves employing lazy people for difficult tasks because they will find the easiest ways possible to overcome the challenge

Write Codes For your fellow Humans, Not just Machines
Be considerate when you are writing codes, especially if it is a badass code. Will another programmer understand what you have written? To ensure readability, it’s necessary to make your identifiers (i.e. variable and function names) consistent throughout your code. This also applies to writing codes you will remember yourself.

Bonus Point: Collabo, Collabo and Collaborate
Collaborations are not just Fridays only. Two good heads are better than one. When you involve that other person. Programming becomes really cool when you have that person that can vet and take a second look at what you are coding and they are also able to bail you out.

Author: Yemi Olutoye