6 Advice Every Startup Founder Needs To Hear

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June 12, 2017

S tarting a Startup is one hell of a job amidst the poor statistics and working conditions on the continent.

.One of the things that must remain intact and untouchable however is your thought pattern and the way you confront impossibilities. Once the mind is set, every other thing falls in place. That's why investment into the mind is very important and of high priority here at Foundi.ng.

This post looks at 10 advice some successful founders have said, and every upcoming founders need to hear.

1. There's something called the “Unknown” You have to get comfortable with the unknown. Most of the times, you will always be forced to make a decision without fully understanding what is coming. As a founder, that is just something you have to get comfortable with.

>2. Keep it moderate Keep it moderate. Don't give yourself too much credit when times are good nor too much blame when times are tough. Don't ask me why. Just keep it moderate.

3. Action is louder Talk is cheap. 'Show, don't tell'. Let your results do the talking. Always be a producer of value, so you can highlight current and translatable proof of what you factually can do versus what you aspire to become.

4. Find the Balance With the community, give before you get. Actively seek guidance, but know the advice often conflicts, so you need your own conviction. Be proud of what you build, though there will never be perfection. Be aware of competition, but don't worry about it. Understand that maybe the world doesn't need your idea, so know when to move on. Never lose sight of the important stuff: love, friends, family.

5. Don’t Worry About the Noise Noise is inevitable. The more the noise, the more the success. Focus on building your business so you can be the one left standing. Haters will always hate.

6. Don’t Seek Risk The best entrepreneurs don’t seek risk. They seek to mitigate risk. —Rick Desai, Co-founder of Dashfire

Author: Yemi Olutoye